The Formwork

– Videos and interviews: the Schiller Building

Within our “Building a Skyscraper. Schiller Building Adler & Sullivan” exhibition in Venice (Ca’ Pesaro, 15 Nov. 2022 – 29 Jan. 2023, Ca’ Tron, 15 Nov. 2022 – 15 Feb. 2023), we displayed a video of the BIM 3D structural model of Adler & Sullivan’s Schiller Building.

Credits: Sharon Giammetta & Gaia Stolzi (BIM model), Walter Stefani (video).

For the Venetian exhibition, we also interviewed specialists from different fields – architecture and urban history, technology, preservation – on the building’s history and role within their disciplines. The experts interviewed included Carol Willis, David Van Zanten, Thomas Leslie, John Vinci, Michelangelo Sabatino and Dario Trabucco.

The interviews are now available on our cultural association’s Youtube channel.